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How Does it Feel?

How does it feel? To stand at the edge and dance Till the feet hurt stumbling Off the cliff falling Breaking everything that’s made of glass and some soul Searing what’s made of silk and some wool Reaching out for a hand to hold Down the cliff it’s hard and cold Paddling the feet more… Continue reading How Does it Feel?


Green Smoothie 

Hello to everybody who clicked the link of this recipie and waiting for the tempting recipie of Green Smoothie that I've posted on my Instagram.  Some of my friends got curious that why am I having this smoothie as I don't need to lose weight. Green smoothie is equally good for your skin as it… Continue reading Green Smoothie 


That’s How I Feel

Sometimes you want to articulate your thoughts but don't get just the right colours to paint them. I have a sea of words mingling with each other, finding their right places in my mind but my mind being a deep well rejects and considers them not agreeable enough to narrate the dangling thoughts. Sometimes I… Continue reading That’s How I Feel


Beautifully Broken 

You fascinate stars on the sky Knitted in constellations Alluringly  And try to find out How do they sway And hold each other  You want to walk through the galaxies  And be like them  But beautiful things hide excruciating wounds They often succumb to constellation  And lose their way Incinerate into ashes  To give light … Continue reading Beautifully Broken 


Depression Is Real

Depression is not a temporary state of sadness, Or a mood swing, It's a fervent melancholy  Alone, in a dimly lit room.  A trenchant feeling. Sense of defeat. Feeling like somebody is trying to sew your skin. Counting stars and starting all over again.  Not responding to anyone's messages or calls.  Not welcoming the sun… Continue reading Depression Is Real

Poetry, Thoughts

To Those Who Whimper On My Shoulder

To those Who whimper on my shoulder  And narrate a tale  Of misery  And text at awkward times  And hope  I'll be there to hold them  And take them out Of the dark hole  They get fascinated When they see a book in my hand 'Positive Psychology' And assume that  I know how to break… Continue reading To Those Who Whimper On My Shoulder


She’s a Woman

Listen to what she says  She narrates a tale   To mountains  And to harmonious winds A story depicting words woven around her heart  Like a wispy thread  Every word unraveling a secret  An enigma That she possesses And seals inside  And wounds that she carries Vex her soul  As she sews her lips  For… Continue reading She’s a Woman